How Double Fifth Loans Work?

Loans are often discussed through the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension, but rarely mention is made of loans with a double fifth, in this article we will therefore clarify what it is and list the characteristics of this service.

The characteristics of the double fifth

The characteristics of the double fifth

Let’s start with the main prerogative, or double fifth is a transfer on salary or pension rather than reaching 20% ​​up to 40% even if there is an attachment in progress.

The financing through assignment with double fifth therefore allows the applicant to be able to obtain a transferable installment that reaches up to two fifths of his paycheck or his retirement pension, thus making it possible to obtain a decidedly higher credit than normal loans personal or with the classic assignment of the fifth.

It is a type of loan that is recommended to those who are facing an ongoing foreclosure, in fact with the double fifth it is also possible to obtain a fifth assignment and a second personal loan that help to cope with the problem.

The double fifth is therefore a form of financing practically equal to the assignment of the fifth only doubled as the classical assignment provides that the monthly installment must not exceed one fifth of the net salary or pension and is deducted directly from the salary or the coupon of the pension.

The loan with the double of the fifth therefore allows to considerably increase the installment to be paid monthly up to two fifths of the salary, this makes it the best non-finalized credit obtaining solution for those who quickly need a decidedly sum of money. higher compared to the money that is disbursed through the classic assignment of the fifth.

Services available with double fifth

Services available with double fifth

With the loan through assignment with double fifth, the payment of a rather high monthly installment is expected which must be carefully evaluated if it is sustainable during the repayment which must be constant over time. Precisely for this reason, this type of financing is recommended for those who enjoy an open-ended employment contract and who have already obtained an ongoing attachment on their salary so as to help repay the amortization.

It is important to underline that the assignment with double fifth makes it possible to obtain a monthly installment which is calculated on the net money received by the applicant worker through the difference between the two fifths of the paycheck and the sum due with the attachment.

How and where to apply for double fifth

How and where to apply for double fifth

The assignment with double fifths can be requested by all those who have an open-ended employment contract and by all Social Institute pensioners, but not only, it is also aimed at those who during their financial history have been considered protested, bad payers or that for any other reason they cannot access other forms of financing.

To request and obtain this type of service, the applicant worker must contact a branch of the institution that will provide the sum of money to which you intend to apply for the loan and be provided with both the necessary classic documentation such as a valid identity document such as an identity card or driver’s license, tax code, a copy of the last paycheck received or pension slip and the last CUD document received and proof of the fact that he enjoys an open-ended employment contract or who enjoys a pension that is higher than the sum of 443.12 USD monthly.

The requisites to obtain this loan are to be between eighteen and ninety years old and to be resident in Italy.


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